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Below is a listing of some of the services we provide.
If you have a need not listed below please feel free to
contact us!


Network installations, Management and Administration
No matter what size network you have, we can handle the day to day management and administration of the network.  Whether it's wired, wireless, local area network, wide area network, peer-to-peer or client server, computer networks are the lifeblood of most IT solutions. Regardless of what type of computer network you have or want, we can design it, implement it and provide service and support on it.     (more...)


Virus/Worm/Spyware/AdWare Removal
The last several years, have seen an exponential increase in the number of new viruses, worms, spyware and adware. Currently, 300 to 600 new viruses appear each month, which corresponds to 10 or 20 new viruses per day. These new viruses, worms and spyware are becoming increasingly sophisticated in the way they spread and infect machines.     (more...)


High Speed Internet and VPN Solutions
Customers have come to expect information on demand on a 24/7 basis. Instant communications via e-mail as well has other methods are essential tools of business today and having a high speed Internet service and VPN can deliver on these expectations.    (more...)


Backup and Data Recovery
Sooner or later all computer systems will crash. It might be 3 days from now or it might be 3 years from now but eventually it will happen to all computers.  When it does happen, whether or not your data is backed up, the quality of those backups and the ability to restore those backups will determine if the situation is a mild inconvenience or a catastrophic event.  (more...)


Computer Repairs, Upgrades and Custom Machines
Personal Computing Solutions has over 7 years experience with computer repairs and upgrades in servicing a variety of different hardware platforms. Regardless of who actually made your system we can more than likely provide any computer repairs or upgrades on it.     (more...)



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