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Img8.jpgWhether you just have a couple of workstations that need to share a printer and files or if you have hundreds or even thousands of users that need to access multiple servers across many networks, we can support it.

Personal Computing Solutions supports all components of the computer network,  PC workstations, servers, Internet access, routers, WAN, wireless and everything in between with onsite service and remote IT support.

Having a computer network will increase the efficiency of your users and your daily operations by leveraging your IT investment and having the ability to share almost any IT resource among all of your network users and provide access to:

  • Files and folders
  • Printers
  • Internet services
  • Wide area networks
  • E-mail systems
  • Company databases
  • Administrative services
  • Anti-virus solutions

Combined with our remote IT support services we can provide for 100% of your network management and administration needs enabling your organization to fully utilize all the capabilities of your network and IT infrastructure including the unique needs of wireless networking components.

Wireless networks can add a tremendous level of convenience for the users on your network. Wireless networks integrated with your wired network is generally an inexpensive enhancement to the network and fairly easy to deploy.  However careful attention must be made to the security configuration of wireless networks because a physical connection to the is not required to access the network, creating a potentially easy way for unwanted access to your most sensitive information.

No matter what size network you have, we can manage the day to day management and administration of the network including:

  • User and group administration
  • Permission Management
  • Group membership
  • Security policy management
  • Group policy administration
  • Internet access
  • E-mail distribution lists
  • Remote access permissions
  • System log analysis and administration
  • Performance monitoring
  • Network monitoring 

As part of our network management and administration services, we can also put systems in place to monitor all facets of your network operations. These systems can be configured to alert us or anyone you choose in a variety of methods such as e-mail, pagers and cell phones when almost any condition that can happen to a network, server or workstation occurs.

If you currently have a computer network that you need service or support on,  if  you feel that your network is not doing all that it should or that your current service provider is not meeting your needs, contact us, we can help with onsite service and remote IT support.


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