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Img12.jpg Today's PC computer systems have very tight integration between hardware and operating system which sometimes makes it difficult to differentiate between a hardware problem in need of repair, an operating system problem, virus infection, a network problem or when a system needs and upgrade.

We are a full service vendor with an intimate knowledge of most IT components including hardware, software, networks etc. which enables us to troubleshoot your system and perform computer repairs on problems no matter where they hide.

Computer hardware technology is constantly changing at an extremely rapid rate making it very difficult sometimes to know what is compatible with what, when computer repairs and upgrades are worth it and  when to wait for the "next big thing".

We can handle any type of computer repair or upgrade when trying to breathe new life into an old system. Sometimes a memory upgrade to a system can extend the lifecycle of a system for years. Sometimes it can actually cost more to do an upgrade or repair than it would to replace a system. We'll tell you when it makes sense to do a computer repair or upgrade and when your money is better spent on new technology.

Often, cutting edge hardware technology is expensive at it's initial release and is just not cost effective. We can tell you where the "sweet spot" is in regards to cost vs. performance on any upgrade or repair.

Contact us with your computer repair and upgrade needs and give us the opportunity to show you how we can  Help your business grow with computer systems, solutions and support.


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