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According to Trend Micro, in 2001 viruses, worm and spyware cost businesses $13 billion, in 2002 the cost rose to $20 - $30 billion and in 2003 viruses, worm and spyware cost a record $55 billion in damages.

The Internet’s ever-growing popularity and the steady adoption of “always on” broadband technologies have allowed viruses, worms,  spyware and adware to spread quickly.

Now more than ever, it is important to defend every computer in an organization against viruses, worms and spyware in the most effective manner possible as a part of an overall network security strategy.

The world wide web, e-mail capability, and other Internet tools have provided new avenues for communication and the exchange of information, but have brought along hordes of new virus, worm and spyware problems.
Virus, worm and spyware infestations can take your entire network out of service, they can steal your bandwidth causing the network to run much slower than normal and they can generally cause your systems to be unstable and unreliable.

Virus, worm and spyware removal can be difficult, time consuming and sometimes even dangerous. Often the attempts at removal of a virus, worm and spyware infection can result in bigger problems when done incorrectly.

Contact us about your virus, worm, spyware and adware removal and defense strategies. We can  go through your network and make sure it is clean and put systems and procedures in place to keep it that way.


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